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Central Orchard Mesa Fire Department

A fire rescue department emblem with red and yellow text and a firefighting symbol.

About Us

The Central Orchard Mesa Fire Department is a Volunteer Fire Department providing Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services.

The Central Orchard Mesa Fire Protection District is located in eastern Mesa County, Colorado, a scenic area known for it's orchards and vineyards, surrounded by acres of BLM land.

The Department is funded through taxes from the Central Orchard Mesa Fire Protection District, grants and donations.

The purpose of this organization shall be the prevention and suppression of fire, protection of life and property in the event of fire, accident or disaster, and provide emergency care and public education.
- Revised June 5, 2003 -
New Member Application 

When complete, please attach and email the application to

New Member Application (PDF)New Member Application (DOC)
Call Types 
  • STILL ASSIGNMENT: An emergent non-structural fire such as a car fire or a weed fire less than one acre in size. Also includes dumpster fires, etc., remote from any structure.
  • BRUSH ASSIGNMENT: A weed or brush fire involving an area greater than one acre and/or endangering a structure.
  • SPECIAL DUTY ASSIGNMENT: Responses such as smoke checks outside a structure, after hours code violations, illegal burning, vehicle fuel tank leaks, public assistance calls, HazMat, CO calls, etc.
  • STRUCTURE ASSIGNMENT: Any known or suspected fire within or directly threatening a structure as well as the activation of automatic fire or smoke alarms within commercial or residential structures.
  • MVA: Motor Vehicle Accident
  • MUTUAL AID ASSIGNMENTS: Requests for assistance from an agency other than the Central Orchard Mesa Fire Department. This could be a request for this Department to provide assistance or for assistance from another agency.
  • EMS ASSIGNMENT: All requests for medical assistance. This will include both emergent and non-emergent calls.
  • RESCUE ASSIGNMENT: All requests for rescue.
Response Area 

The area protected by the Central Orchard Mesa Volunteer Fire Department includes land between 30 Road east to 35 Road, the Colorado River south to approximately A 1/2 Road for a Fire Protection District of 8.1 square miles. The Fire Protection District includes approximately 800 households with an estimated 2700 residents. In accordance with the Mesa County EMS Resolution, an additional 17.9 square miles of Rural Ambulance Service Area was added to the Central Orchard Mesa Fire Protection District Response Area for Emergency Medical Response. This area is located adjacent to and east of the Fire Protection District.The topography consists of small canyons and mesas with off-road trails, and runs east to the Forrest Service Boundary.

Services Provided 
  • Respond to suppress fires that endanger property and or life.
  • Respond to medical emergencies to provide medical care and transport the sick or injured to a medical facility.
  • Respond to all rescue calls within the District or Ambulance Service Area.
  • Respond to Hazardous Materials situations as First Responders at the Awareness, and Operations level.
  • Respond to environmental emergencies to help alleviate the impact of the emergency.
  • Respond to educate the public on fire prevention and fire safety.
  • Respond to do fire inspections to help maintain a fire safe community.